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Online Services

Ebranch (Online Banking)

OFCU offers free access to your account with Online Banking.  To get started, log into Online Banking by using your account number for the username and the 6 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN), provided to you verbally at account opening for the password. You will then be prompted to change your username and password to something of your choice. Please allow one full business day after account opening before your initial log in.

You can also access your account through our mobile app.  Download the OFCU app from the App Store or Google Play located at the top left of the homepage.  Once you have the app installed, simply click on the link "sign up" at the bottom and follow the same instructions as above for the desktop computer.

Tips to Creating a Safe Password:
  • Use a random mixture of characters, upper and lower case, numbers, punctuation, spaces and symbols at least 8 characters long.
  • Don't use a word found in a dictionary, English or foreign.
  • Don't use passwords based on personal information such as: name, nickname, birthdate, spouse's name, pet's name, friends name, home town, phone number, social security number, car registration number, address etc. This includes using just part of your name, or part of your birthdate.
  • Don't use passwords based on things located near you. Passwords such as "computer", "monitor", "keyboard", "telephone", "printer", etc.
  • Don't ever be tempted to use one of those oh so common passwords that are easy to remember but offer no security at all. e.g. "password", "letmein".
  • Never use the same password twice.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us through our Online Chat located at the bottom of our homepage or at 575-434-8500 or 1-800-376-9000. 

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