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Convenience Services

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Banking on the go

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Mobile Banking

Getting Started.

Get all the key features of online banking on your mobile phone.Getting started is simple, all you need is a mobile phone or any web enabled device and you can log in the same as you would for online banking.

Mobile Banking Apps

OFCU's MobileBanking Apps gives you access to your accounts wherever you may be. Withjusta touch ofyourfinger youcan pay bills, transfer funds, check balances all from the palm of your hand.

For more information on how Mobile Banking Apps can simplify your day-to-dayfinancial experience click below.

Mobile Loan Applications

Another perk ofdownloading OFCU's Mobile Phone App is OFCU's Mobile Loan Application. This easy-to-use application is user friendly andgives you the ability to apply for an OFCULoan easily and conveniently from the palm of your hand using your smart phone or iPad.

Mobile Banking Precautions

No matter what kind of mobile banking method you use, reduce the chance for fraud and protect your money and identity by following a few common-sense precautions.
Click here for more information on Mobile Banking Safety and Security.

  • Set your phone to require a password or code to power on the handset or awake it from sleep mode.
  • Whether you're using the mobile web or a mobile app, don't let it automatically log you in to your credit union account. Otherwise, if your phone is lost or stolen, someone will have access to your account.
  • Avoid sharing your password, account number, PIN, answers to secret questions or other such information. Don't save this information anywhere on your handset.
  • Immediately tell your financial institution or mobile operator if you lose your phone or if it is stolen.
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Electronic services at your fingertips

Take full advantage of our electronic features such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Popmoney